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chances of getting DUI dropped

Monte Sereno DUI Charges Dropped

How To Get A DUI Dropped in Monte Sereno, California

dui charges dropped monte sereno

Anyone accused of driving under influence, drinking and driving or impaired driving should look for ways to get the DUI charges dropped. It is indeed possible to get the case dismissed if you urgently hire a DUI lawyer in Monte Sereno, California.

How to Get a DUI Dropped in Monte Sereno, California

There is a straightforward answer to how to get a DUI dropped in Monte Sereno, CA. The defense lawyer must convince the prosecution that their case is flawed. If the prosecutor is led to believe that they cannot prove the accused to be guilty in a court then there is a high possibility of the DUI charges being dropped and the case will be quashed even before it is properly initiated for trial. DUI cases do go to trial and it is in the best interest of the defendant to get the charges dropped before the prosecution can consolidate every detail to make their case in the court.

Chances of Getting DUI Charged Dropped in Monte Sereno

According to the California Vehicle Code, driving under influence is a criminal offense and the law is stringently applied all across Monte Sereno and most other parts of the state. The strict law has prohibitions for very harsh punishments. This clearly goes against the accused, should one be proven guilty. However, the seriousness of the offense and the severity of the punishments also mean that the prosecution must present an irrefutable case. It is necessary for the prosecution to prove the guilt of the defendant and establish beyond reasonable doubt that the accused should be punished by the court as per the provisions of the law.
The severity of the offense and the subsequent punishment demands the prosecution to ensure there are no flaws in the case. This takes the prosecutor some time and extensive assistance from the law enforcement, technicians or specialists and witnesses to corroborate the facts of the case. The same time is available to a defendant to prepare a thorough and tactful defense using the full scope of the law. Appointing a specialized DUI defense lawyer who is actually an expert in such trials will help a defendant to beat the charges and to get the case dismissed.
The chances of getting DUI charges dropped in Monte Sereno and all across the state of California depend on the merits of the case as prepared by the prosecution. It is difficult to generalize and standard approaches do not always work. There are cases that have similar flaws and there are instances when no major loophole may be found. There is no specific timeline that can be used as a generic guide or to get an idea of the scope of possibility of getting DUI charges dropped. Just as the strategy of how to get a DUI dropped will vary from case to case, the time taken to get the charges quashed will also vary.
It should be noted that a prosecutor will not be interested to drop the DUI charges if there is enough evidence against the accused and the prosecution has good reason to believe that they can convince a judge to find the defendant as guilty as per the law. Whether or not there is an obvious flaw in the case being prepared by the prosecution, it is necessary to consider the likelihood of getting DUI charges dropped. This is the quickest option to beat a DUI and be over with the unnerving experience. Only the most astute DUI lawyers in Monte Sereno will be able to figure out the flaws and using their legal mettle to get the charges dropped and the case dismissed.

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how to get a DUI dropped monte sereno

how to get DUI charges dropped monte sereno

Types Of DUI Charges:

Impaired Driving

Driving Under The Influence

Over 80 m.g. DUI

Failure to Provide a Breathe Sample

Care and Control

Multiple DUI Offenses

Consequences Of A DUI:

Criminal Record

Serving a Jail Sentence

Drivers License Suspension

Payment of Fines

Travel Restrictions

Loss of Income


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Effective Ways to Get DUI Charges Dropped in Monte Sereno, CA

Various types of strategies are used by our DUI lawyers in Monte Sereno. There is no one strategy that shall work for everyone. The defense must be customized depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the case. While facts should be deemed to be utmost important, there are many other legal tactics to be explored to get the DUI charges dropped. How to get a DUI dropped does not have a standard solution. This is why you need the finest DUI lawyer in Monte Sereno, California.
There are two options available for a defendant at the very outset. The first option is the more favorable dropping of all charges and getting the case dismissed. The second option is a plea bargain. A plea bargain is an arrangement between the prosecution and the defendant wherein the latter agrees to a much lesser charge to avoid a harsher conviction. The prosecutor may be led to believe that their case is partly flawed and that they can get a conviction for a lesser crime much easily and quickly. Pleading guilty also ensures there is no reason to deal with a long trial, relentless arguments and further fact-finding, investigation, cross-examination and counterarguments.
Here are some of the proven to be reliable and effective solutions to how to get DUI charges dropped.

  • DUI lawyers can challenge the legality of a checkpoint stop.
  • Violations of Title 17 can be used by the defense.
  • It can be established that the defendant was not driving.
  • The arresting officer’s suspicion the defendant was driving under influence can be disputed.
  • The field sobriety test can be questioned.
  • The blood alcohol concentration found through the tests can be challenged.
  • Failure of the arresting officer to clearly read the Miranda Rights can be cited.

can DUI charges be dropped monte sereno

chances of getting DUI dropped monte sereno

Appoint an Expert Monte Sereno DUI Lawyer to Get the DUI Charges Dropped

Only a specialist DUI defense lawyer with extensive experience of trials, investigations and negotiations can get the charges dropped. As a defendant, you must not waste any time before hiring an expert Monte Sereno DUI lawyer. The more time you take, the stronger a case will be in the making. The prosecution should not be allowed to get the luxury of time and lack of legal counters to prepare a perfect case. Contact us as soon as you can after being arrested under DUI charges.


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