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Burlingame DUI Arrest Defense

Legal Defense Against A DUI Arrest in Burlingame, CA

dui arrest burlingame

There are many evere and tough punishments that are handed out to DUI offenders charged with impaired driving in Burlingame. Therefore, it is always advisable to contact an experienced and reliable DUI Lawyer.

What To Do In Case You’ve Been Arrested For Drunk Driving in Burlingame, CA

DUI charges carry serious punishments including fines up to a thousand dollars, which can be much more if there was an accident, bodily injury, property damage and fatality, potential jail sentence, license suspension and community service among others. If you are charged with driving under influence, you need a DUI lawyer in Burlingame to represent you in court. One of the first considerations is a DUI arrest defense, which tries to establish false or wrongful arrest to begin with.

Being stopped at a checkpoint or abruptly under the suspicion of impaired driving can be unnerving. Getting charged with DUI and an arrest can be terrifying. Second time or repeat offenders will have more worries as such offenses draw harsher punishments. A skilled DUI lawyer in Burlingame can present the requisite DUI arrest defense that can get the charges dismissed and there will not be any criminal record for those arrested and booked for the first time.

Overview of a Valid DUI Arrest in Burlingame, CA

Getting arrested for drunk driving is valid only when the police had reasonable grounds to suspect impaired driving, drinking and driving or driving under the influence. Mere suspicion is not sufficient as the breathalyzer test and subsequent blood test must establish there was more than 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood sample taken from the alleged accused. For those under the age of twenty one, the legal permissible limit for blood alcohol concentration is 0.01%, which means 1mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. This is known as the zero tolerance policy in California.
California Vehicle Code clearly states that a DUI arrest is valid if a driver is impaired while driving or operating any vehicle such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and snowmobiles, trains or aircrafts among others. The California Criminal Code classifies drunk driving as a criminal offense.

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arrested for DUI burlingame

caught drink driving burlingame

Types Of DUI Charges:

Impaired Driving

Driving Under The Influence

Over 80 m.g. DUI

Failure to Provide a Breathe Sample

Care and Control

Multiple DUI Offenses

Consequences Of A DUI:

Criminal Record

Serving a Jail Sentence

Drivers License Suspension

Payment of Fines

Travel Restrictions

Loss of Income


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Penalties following a Valid DUI Arrest in Burlingame

Getting arrested for drunk driving has serious consequences, primarily owing to the severity of the punishments and also because a defendant proven to be guilty will have a permanent criminal record. The penalties get worse for the defendant if it is the second offense or if one is established as a repeat offender.
Penalties for First Offense

  • Compulsory treatment or education program.
  • Suspension of license for up to six months.
  • Probation for up to five years.
  • Jail time for up to six months.
  • Fine up to a thousand dollars.
  • Ignition interlock device for five months at least.

Penalties for Second Offense

  • Compulsory treatment or education program.
  • Suspension of license for up to two years.
  • Probation for up to five years.
  • Jail time for up to one year.
  • Fine up to a thousand dollars.
  • Ignition interlock device for up to three years.

Penalties for Third Offense

  • Compulsory treatment or education program.
  • Suspension of license for up to three years.
  • Probation for up to five years.
  • Jail time for up to three years.
  • Fine up to a thousand dollars.
  • Ignition interlock device for up to three years.

i got a DUI burlingame

arrested for drunk driving burlingame

Effective DUI Arrest Defense in Burlingame

There are many ways to approach a DUI arrest defense. The facts and merits of the case will determine the fitting tactic and the overall strategy. Many tactics have been proven to be effective over the years. Here are some of the ways our DUI lawyers in Burlingame can mount a successful defense against a DUI arrest.

  • The legality of the checkpoint can be challenged.
  • Mouth alcohol is an admissible defense tactic.
  • Violations of Title 17 can be cited.
  • Citing lack of reasonable or probable cause for the stop and check.
  • Challenging the field sobriety test.
  • Establishing doubts pertaining to the breath and blood tests.
  • Challenging the validity of the DUI arrest on substantial grounds.
  • Highlighting that Miranda Rights were not read by the officer while arresting the accused.
  • Using the argument of rising blood alcohol content.
  • Flagging the failure of the law enforcement to issue clearly implied warning related to consent.

Seek Immediate Legal Representation by Appointing a DUI Lawyer in Burlingame

An accused should not waste time after being charged with driving under influence. Any DUI arrest should be immediately addressed. The scene of the checkpoint should be inspected and the entire event must be investigated. Our DUI lawyers look for witnesses and document their accounts. The defendant too should have every development documented. Independent breath and blood tests are often required. It is necessary to try and counter every fact or claim made against the defendant, right from the reasonable grounds for suspicion of impaired driving to the 0.08% blood alcohol concentration.
There are many ways to prepare for a DUI arrest defense The DUI arrest can be questioned. The prosecution can be convinced to believe their case is flawed. There are potential plea bargains and the likelihood of going to trial to get the claims of the prosecution countered effectively so the case gets dismissed. There are different kinds of charges related to driving under influence. Charge reduction is a possibility after DUI arrest. It is also a sound defense strategy in some scenarios. DUI is a criminal offense and hence it is imperative for a defendant to have the best DUI defense lawyers represent them at the court.

What Are My Options if I Got a DUI in Burlingame?

Get a professional and reliable legal opinion and recommendation from trial lawyers who have the knowledge, skills and proven expertise to deal with DUI arrest defense. Have an experienced DUI lawyer in Burlingame represent you along the way. Avoid paying for hidden costs as our DUI lawyers in California have reasonable fees. Seek a consultation immediately after a DUI arrest to increase your chances of mounting a fierce defense. The sooner you seek appropriate legal representation, greater are the chances of you having to put an end to the severe criminal charges.


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